Music services that make the difference

RIS Music provides solutions for projects that involve music notation, combining deep knowledge and expertise in orchestration with beautiful, fast and precise score and parts preparation. Our team has a vast experience working in sheet music publishing, live concerts, theater and film scoring, and we want to put that experience at your disposal.

Make your music stand up.


Orchestral writing combines creativity and technical knowledge with precise notation instructions. Ranges, tones, dynamics, articulations, slurs… Everything has to be wisely cared for a successful performance.

Concert music

We write arrangements for soloists, ensembles, bands and orchestras. Taste how a string quartet, a woodwinds ensamble, a choir or a chamber orchestra can give your music a new dimension. Need a big sound? We’ve scored concerts with over 100 musicians on stage.

Film scoring

Digital mockups sound good, but don’t compare with the expressiveness of real orchestras. Let us convert your DAW files (Cubase, Nuendo, Digital Performer, Logic) into professional scores and parts and bring them to the recording stage. There are orchestras for every budget.

Opera and musical theater

Pit orchestras have the challenge to get a big sound and variety of moods with only few instruments. Doublings, synthesizers and automation can help to maximize the possibilities of the orchestration. Tell us about your show and we’ll orchestrate it to get the best live sound.

Music Preparation

The subtle art of music preparation is aimed to improve the communication of musical ideas to the players. Beautiful looking scores invite to play them, while optimized layout and edition allows the musicians to focus on expressing.


From simple lead sheets to complex contemporain notation, we create beautiful scores out of your manuscripts or digitally generated music.


Score cleanup, proofreading, exercises and exam papers, examples for books and academic papers, file conversions, editing for music software developers.


Parts preparation with perfect format and design delivered in tight deadlines. Special attention to page turns and cues. Transcriptions and transpositions.

Printing and binding

Ready to play printed music for concerts or recording sessions with worldwide express shipping. Also editorial quality editions for publishing and sale.

Other services

Project management

Custom services for projects involving music notation. We listen to the client’s needs and take care of all the processes to achieve the expected results and deadlines, usually resulting also in a reduction of the costs.

Editorial support

Personalized support for composers looking to publish their works independently or through publishing companies. We have developed a close relationship with many companies while working with them on the last years.

Music librarianship

There are thousands of works created in the last centuries, and finding or selecting the ones that best fit your needs can be a hard task. We have access to catalogues from different genres to help you get the sheet music you need.

Analysis & research

We write analysis about form, harmony, melody, rhythm, texture, instrumentation and others aspects of musical works. Also we put at disposal of research teams our academic background and skills on modern technologies.

The best score for your music.


We want to thank all the composers, directors, performers, producers, arrangers and publishing companies that trust us their music. It is a pleasure for us to have the chance to work with all of them, from amateur musicians to award winning productions.